2020 Mill & Overlay Project

Picture of map showing where pavement rehabilitation and trail projects are to be constructed.The 2020 Mill & Overlay project will include many elements. Primarily pavement mill and overlay areas will include portions of Hope Ave SE, Grove Ave SE, Madison St SE, Pettit St SE, White St. SE, and Stevens St SE, or areas south of Territorial St and west of Newton Ave. A portion of the parking lot and driveway apron at the fire station will also be repaired. Preparation for the 2021 mill and overlay area will also include utility casting adjustments and storm sewer catch basin repair in the Wildflower neighborhood. 

In addition a concrete sidewalk segment will be constructed from Highway 25 to Lewis Ave S, providing a pedestrian connection between these two areas along the north side of Madison St SW. 

The Grove Street Hockey Rink will also be re-furbished with new pavement, improved grading and drainage, trail connections, and new rink boards. 

A pedestrian connection to the Luce Line Trail will also be constructed along Highway 25 from the underpass area north to Hutchinson Road. This will eventually connect to pedestrian connections that will be constructed in 2021 as part of the Highway 25 re-construction project by MnDOT.

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