2023 Crack-Seal-Replay-Streets and Trails Project

Bargen Inc. will be cracking sealing the areas in blue and green on the streets. They will be applying RePlay to the areas in Green. They will also be sealing cracks and applying Replay on a few trail segments though out the city. It is anticipate this to be competed sometime in June.  The 2023 Crack-Seal-Replay Street Map  can be view here.   The 2023 Crack-Seal-Replay Trail Map can be view here.

RePlay is 88% Biobased.

Cures in 30 minutes or less

Adds 9 new, unique polymers to the mix

Prevents asphalt breakdown: potholes, edge rutting, centerline cracks, etc.

Penetrates ¾ -1 ¼ inches deep.

Reduces moisture penetration

Maintains skid resistance and previous porosity


Made in Missouri, USA

Here is the link for more information about replay:  https://bargeninc.com/asphalt-maintenance/replay/